iPhone AI Illustrator Sketch GUI Elements

Teehan+Lax have posted another useful mock up toolset. This time they have created an Adobe Illustrator file with sketch versions of the iPhone interface. Great for storyboarding and creating instructional material for applications....

Visio Stencils for SharePoint 2010

I use Visio for creating plans and diagrams for SharePoint sites and farms frequently. When doing so, I like to use the actual SharePoint graphics as stencils. I have compiled the graphics from SharePoint 2010 as well as some file type icons into Visio stencils. I...

iPad GUI Interface Photoshop Mockup

Teehax+Lax have released another Photoshop GUI mockup, this time for the iPad. Kudos to them for another great piece of work. You can find their original blog post here: http://www.teehanlax.com/blog/2010/02/01/ipad-gui-psd/.

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