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To date I have published two technical books with Packt Publishing.

SharePoint 2013 WCM Advanced Cookbook

Published January 2014 | Packt Publishing
Author: John Chapman

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What You Will Learn From This Book

  • Manage SharePoint branding with device channels and design packages
  • Customize the user experience with delegate controls
  • Modify user input with InfoPath
  • Create custom page layouts for content pages
  • Configure content deployment for staging content
  • Create multilingual content with machine translation
  • Manage content with SharePoint publishing

SharePoint 2013 Server includes new and improved features for web content management that simplify how you design publishing sites, and enhances the authoring and publishing processes of organizations. SharePoint Server 2013 also has new features that use the power of search to surface dynamic web content on publishing sites. Using the right tools efficiently can assist organizations in creating compelling content-rich websites without the undue overhead of hands-on management of each piece of content.

SharePoint 2013 WCM Advanced Cookbook is a practical guide to show you how to leverage Microsoft SharePoint 2013 to create a scalable web content management system. This book helps you in learning about the features of SharePoint 2013 in depth and also takes you through each of these features practically by providing you with a hands-on experience.

With SharePoint 2013 WCM Advanced Cookbook, you will learn about a full-fledged web content management system using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. You will start with exploring the WCM features of SharePoint such as catalog content with cross-site publishing, enhancing the user experience with custom controls, and creating multilingual sites. Then you will move on to configure content deployment, search, taxonomy, and content translation. Finally, the book shows you how to leverage Microsoft SharePoint Designer and Microsoft InfoPath.

You will be led carefully step-by-step through a detailed set of recipes. This book focuses on web content management using Microsoft SharePoint 2013 server. The practical examples are built logically throughout the chapters to create a common theme.

This book is ideal for developers who want to broaden their understanding of the web content management features available with SharePoint 2013. It is assumed that you already have some experience using SharePoint and developing web content. Experience with Microsoft PowerShell and coding C# with Visual Studio will also be helpful, but is not essential.

Automating Microsoft Azure with PowerShell

Published March 2015 | Packt Publishing
Authors: John Chapman, Aman Dhally



What You Will Learn From This Book

  • Connect to Microsoft Azure with PowerShell
  • Manage storage blobs, tables, and queues with PowerShell
  • Create virtual machines with PowerShell
  • Query SQL databases with PowerShell
  • Deploy websites and cloud services with PowerShell
  • Create virtual networks and traffic manager profiles with PowerShell
  • Perform Active Directory management tasks with PowerShell
  • Automate complex tasks using automation runbooks

This book is a one-stop guide on managing Microsoft Azure services using PowerShell. Administrators and developers will learn how to use PowerShell to create and manage Azure websites, virtual machines, SQL databases, and so on.

Starting with an introduction to Windows PowerShell, this book will assist you in connecting to Microsoft Azure with PowerShell. Next, the book covers how to create and manage Azure storage accounts, including file, blob, and table storage. Moving on, this book covers creating and managing Azure virtual machines, SQL databases, websites, virtual networks, traffic manager, cloud services, and Active Directory. Finally, this book covers how to automate complex tasks using Azure automation runbooks.

This book is designed to help administrators and developers better automate Azure management tasks. No prior knowledge of PowerShell is required.

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