My favorite GUI application for Bitcoin/Litecoin mining on Mac OS X, Asteroid, has been updated to 0.9.6.  This release includes a lot of bug fixes and new hardware support.  I highly recommend the update.

Download Asteroid 0.9.6

Asteroid 0.9.6 Change Log

  • Adds support for new ASICs (including bitfury, nanofury, and Antminers)
  • Updated to latest cgminer engine (still supporting GPU mining though!)
  • Rewrote MobileMiner support with better error reporting, keychain support, bugfixes and more
  • New device detection and display code
  • USB driver conflicts are resolved when detected and relevant
  • Fixed scrypt settings recommendations
  • Detects previous crashes and offers to send diagnostic logs
  • New default intensity values for quicker first-time mining
  • Added menu option to semi-permanently disable conflicting drivers
  • Fixed bug preventing adding more than one custom pool
  • Fixed apparent spike in scrypt hashrates due to a logging bug
  • Countless bugs fixed
  • Numerous UI tweaks to improve user experience
  • Removed BTC value monitoring in preparation for a new, better, feature to debut in 0.9.7
  • CPU usage of Asteroid reduced by 60%

See my initial post regarding Asteroid: Mining Bitcoin and Litecoin on Mac OS X with Asteroid.

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