My favorite GUI application for Bitcoin/Litecoin mining on Mac OS X, Asteroid, has been updated to 0.9.7.  This release includes a lot of bug fixes and new features.  I highly recommend the update.

Download Asteroid 0.9.7

Asteroid 0.9.7 Changes


– Live coin balances direct from your pool — see what you’ve accumulated up to the minute! Supported in 17 of the default pools, enter your API key in the pool setup sheet to enable it. Supported pools:

– (Slush’s pool)
– BitMinter
– Bitparking
– BTC Guild (USA)
– BTC Guild (EU)
– Eclipse Mining Consortium
– Eligius
– Ozcoin (AU)
– Ozcoin (EU)
– Ozcoin (US)
– PolMine
– TripleMining
– (EU)
– (US)
– NetCode
– (EU)
– (US)

– View Asteroid’s debugging log in addition to the miner logs
– Includes cgminer 3.12.3
– Uses sgminer 4.1.0 for all scrypt mining now, the spiritual successor to cgminer 3.7.2 (new kernels, new bug fixes!)
– Better supports multiple GPUs
– Tweaked scrypt reporting to include recommended kernels and better text formatting on Asteroid site
– Devices remember their on/off state between launches
– Bugfix for start/stop button not working in some situations
– Unannounced feature already implemented and integrated with webserver
– Redesigned pool editing sheet
– Mac OS X Notification Center support (when devices are disconnected, or temps exceeded, or pool login incorrect if Asteroid is not frontmost app)
– Command-line options window (add flags to each miner separately)
– Added support for international locale formats (using “,” instead of “.” for the decimal separator)
– Launch in Terminal or Asteroid from command-line options window
– Reduced CPU usage when windows closed
– Per-card scrypt hashrates
– Checkbox to auto-start mining when launched (on by default)
– Quicker mining engine startups
– Fix for updating pools from previous version
– Countless bugfixes

See my initial post regarding Asteroid: Mining Bitcoin and Litecoin on Mac OS X with Asteroid.

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