At my company we use Microsoft Project Server 2007 extensively. Our Project Managers had been reporting an issue where they get a message that says ¢€œLogin Failed. Project could not connect to server¢€. They would hit OK and everything would work fine.

Our SharePoint site that contains the Project Web Access was created running on a specific port (i.e. http://servername:26919). An Alternate Access Map was created in SharePoint Central Administration for the site (http://projects). From the web-browser, the site is accessible by both links. However, when Microsoft Project connected to the server, using http://projects would produce the error message whereas http://servername:26919 would not produce the error message.

In IIS, we found that the site was bound only to port 26919 with no host header. We were able to resolve this issue simply by adding another binding for port 80 with ¢€œprojects¢€ as the host header.

You can check your IIS 6 bindings by doing the following:

  1. Open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager from the server
  2. Expand the plus sign next to the Server Name and the Web Sites folder
  3. Right click your web application and click Properties
  4. On the Web Site tab, hit the Advanced button to the right of IP address.
  5. On the window that pops up, you can see what ports and host headers your site is bound to.

Whatever port the Microsoft Project clients are accessing the Project server through should be on this list. If it is not, simply add it.

Hope this helps if you are having a similar issue.

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