Many organizations choose to stage their migration plans from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 instead of migrating or upgrading everything all at once. My Sites might be one of the pieces that gets migrated later on in the migration plan. Keeping the My Sites on 2007 would require the SharePoint 2010 sites to point to the 2007 My Sites wherever it links to a users’ My Sites.

This could be done by simply adding a link to the master page or navigation that points to the 2007 My Site host (i.e. http://site2007/mysite), however the programmatically created links (such as the one in the drop down menu under the users name, usually on the top right corner of the page) would not point to the 2007 site. There is, however, a better solution.

SharePoint 2010 allows Trusted My Site host locations which allow you to point to any URL ( SharePoint takes this URL and appends “/Person.aspx?accountname=DOMAINuser” to it. This allows you to put in the My Site host URL from the SharePoint 2007 site or any site for that matter.

In addition, the Trusted My Site host locations can be specific to an audience. This allows for some users to be on the 2010 My Sites and others to be on the 2007 My Sites. It even allows for certain users to be directed somewhere completely different.

To add a SharePoint 2007 My Site host to SharePoint 2010:

  1. In Central Administration, select Manage Service Applications under Application Management.
  2. Select the User Profile Service from the list of service applications.
  3. Under My Site Settings, select Configure Trusted Host Locations.
  4. Select New Link.
  5. Enter the SharePoint 2007 My Site Host URL. (If you are unsure of the My Site Host URL, goto your My Site in 2007 and click the My Profile tab. The URL in the address bar before /Person.aspx is the host site URL. For example, with http://spsite/mysite/person.aspx?accountname=domainuser the host site URL is http://spsite/mysite).
  6. Enter a description.
  7. Optional: Select an audience. Selecting an audience will only direct the My Site references to this URL for users in the audience.
  8. Click OK.

That’s it. Now all users or the users in the selected audience will be directed to the SharePoint 2007 My Sites when they click the My Site URLs from SharePoint 2010.

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