When the SharePoint Web Analytics Service Application takes longer than five hours to process the Health Monitor will report the “Web Analytics: Monitors the health of the Report Consolidator component” for review.

It offers the following explanation:

The running time for the Report Consolidator component should always be less than 12 hours.

With the following suggested remedy:

Consider adding more reporting databases for the service application to balance the load.  
For more information about thise rule, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=142704.

The provided link instructs on how to reduce the amount of records processed, not how to add additional databases to balance out the load.

To add additional databases:

  1. Open the SharePoint Management Shell (PowerShell) on the SharePoint server (run as administrator).

  2. Use the Get-SPWebAnalyticsServiceApplication cmdlet to identify the current database server and name (use the name of your service application):

    [powershell]Get-SPWebAnalyticsServiceApplication -identity “Web Analytics Service Application”[/powershell]

  3. Use the Set-SPWebAnalyticsServiceApplication cmdlet to set the staging databases to include a new one. Be sure to include the existing one and the new one specified will be created when running the cmdlet.

    [powershell]Set-SPWebAnalyticsServiceApplication -identity “Web Analytics Service Application” -ListOfStagingDatabases ““[/powershell]

The additional database has been added and the “Reanalyze Now” button on the Health Monitor item can be used to remove the message from the Health Monitor.

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