After installing Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2013, you may have noticed some new configuration options in Central Administration: Configure Yammer and Configure OneDrive and Sites Links.

Thinking that there may have been some real integration between your on-premise SharePoint 2013 environment, you may have activated Yammer and configured the OneDrive and Sites links. After which, if you we’re like me, you we’re sadly disappointed. The first thing you will have noticed is that the suite bar links have been changed to include Yammer and OneDrive.

When you click on Yammer you are simply redirected to the cloud service. If you navigate to your My Site host (which you now have to do manually as there is no suite bar link for it), you’ll notice you still have an activity feed, but no post box to add any microblogs, etc.

Clicking OneDrive from the suite links bar now simply redirects you to your My Site on Office 365. You can, manually, still navigate to your on-premise My Site if desired.

Enabling the Yammer and Office 365 OneDrive integration gives you:

  • Updated suite bar links to redirect users to Yammer and Office 365
  • Removal of the post box on the Newsfeed page
  • Removal of the suite bar links to take you to the on-premise My Site content

It does not give you any actual social integration with your on-premise environment and the cloud-base services. None of your on-premise activity is displayed in Yammer, none of your Yammer content is displayed on-premise, and there is no interactions between your on-premise My Site content and the Office 365 My Site content.

Looking for a social solution that actually integrates with SharePoint? Check out Sitrion Social (formerly NewsGator Social Sites):

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